Joy to the World

No matter where you find spiritual connection, at this time of the year, the notion of joy is all around us. Even when the world doesn’t always appear to cooperate, it’s important that each one of us take time to appreciate life’s beautiful moments, because that is where joy is found. 

To indulge in the joy of the season, I wanted to share with you a lovely poem by the always-inspiring Danna Faulds, whose wise words I often use in my workshops and share with my students. In her poem “Joy to the World” from her book Breath of Joy - Poems, Prayers, and Prose, Danna shares her brilliant and soulful perspective on what it means to be joyous every day – which is a lesson we should all carry forward with us through the holidays and well beyond.

“Joy to the World”

Joy is the word
I receive when I open my being and 
let awareness lead.
One word, respondent
in its simplicity,
like a star atop the tree.

Awakened and free,
joy dances through me, 
takes my hand, spins me
round 'til I grow dizzy.
Joy points at my heart
and grins, points at my head and nods, traces a 
circle with one arm,
making sure the whole
of me is inside its wide circumference,
and then gestures
to include the earth and sky.

Joy is everywhere
No exceptions.  None.
One word for the world
to live by is enough.

Kathie SwiftComment