App-solutely Fabulous: 6 Fave Nutrition Apps for Healthy Eating Newbies

6 Fave Nutrition Apps for Healthy Eating Newbies - Kathie Madonna Swift

For need-it-now nutrition information while you shop or go about your day, apps are a god-send, particularly if you’re just getting started on a healthy eating journey. For many of my new-to-nutrition clients, who can sometimes get a little overwhelmed with all the new and different choices they’ll be making, I often recommend trying a few apps to facilitate their learning curve. Among my favorites are these 6 apps, which are the perfect companions to help you navigate life and the supermarket aisles wisely: 

1) Fooducate

Instant read-outs on the nutritional value of hundreds of typical grocery store items. Scan the barcode for info on nutritional values plus simple explanations of product nutritional pros and cons. With a grading system developed by scientists, dietitians and concerned parents, the app is particularly helpful for those just learning how to eat better. 

2) Harvest

Not quite sure if that melon is ready to eat? Wondering how long those raspberries have left to live? Harvest shows you how to select the freshest, ripest, and best-tasting produce, and serves up info on what’s in season in your area. It also tracks pesticide levels so you know when to buy organic and shows you how to store your items once you get them home. 

3) Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide

How to avoid genetically modified foods? The Non-GMO Project app makes it easy to keep track. It features a list of the brands and products enrolled in the Non-GMO Project's Product Verification Program – making it easy for you to make smarter choices. 

4) Locavore 

Eating healthily, in season and local made simple. The Locavore app pinpoints nearby farmers' markets and farms to make shopping easy, and provides seasonal recipes to make your purchases delicious!

5) NRDC Eat Local

This app also makes eating healthy a breeze. Listing over 5,000 farmers markets and 60+ produce items as well as seafood and poultry. Also included are recipes, nutritional info, storage and preparation tips.

6) EWG’s Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen 

The lists to live by – the Environmental Working Group’s app that tells you which fruits and vegetables are typically drenched in pesticides and which are not. Armed with this info, users can easily identify the items they should always buy organic or local to minimize chemical exposure.

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