My New Book – The Swift Diet – Is in Stores Now!

Kathie Madonna Swift – The Swift Diet – Is in Stores Now

It’s here! My new book! And I am so excited to share the news! The culmination of my 30+ years as a clinical, integrative nutritionist and healthy eating advocate, The Swift Diet: 4 Weeks to Mend the Belly, Lose the Weight and Get Rid of the Bloat is in stores now, and I hope you will pick up a copy for yourself and those you love.

In The Swift Diet, I share my ultimate health roadmap, one that shows how to heal your belly and you lose weight permanently by eating to feed the millions of friendly bacteria that live in the human gut, without feeling hungry or deprived. 

At the core of The Swift Diet is the idea that the road to digestive health and weight-loss runs through the gut, which houses our most of our “microbiome” (the bacteria inside and on us). Treat the microbiome right, tend your belly-garden well, and your health will reap many benefits. For example, a healthier microbiome can improve IBS-like digestive symptoms, reduce insulin resistance, stimulate weight-loss and help maintain healthy weight – all while naturally improving your total health. In fact, the latest research shows that overweight people can, by changing their diet to increase fiber from plant sources, change their gut bacteria to more closely resemble that found in leaner people. 

In addition to my healthy gut how-tos, The Swift Diet also includes more than 80 of my favorite delicious, gut-health-supporting recipes, plus my action plan – a 28-day step-by-step program which combines diet, exercise, stress reduction and relaxation techniques to help you feel better, look better, sleep better and live a vibrant life.

Life is too short to feel lousy. With The Swift Diet, you’ll never have to!

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