Drink to Your Health: 4 Simple Holiday Mocktails

Oh, heavens! Where did the year go?! As we get into the seasonal groove, keep in mind that all those tasty-but-not-great-for-health cocktails can undermine your gut health and immunity just when you need them most!

Side-stepping alcohol and all that extra sugar can be quite a challenge. How can you feel festive this season while also keeping your health on track? Think - and drink - mocktails instead and fortify your body throughout the weeks ahead, without alcohol. Here are a few of my healthy holiday go-to’s:

Bitter Bubbles  
This is one of my favorite, super simple mocktails. Add seltzer or sparkling water to bitters (to taste), plus lemon or lime slices and a sprig of fresh mint for a drink that doubles as a wonderfully refreshing digestive aid. 

Cran-tastic Cocktail
Combine seltzer, sparkling or spring water with a colorful, 1 oz. splash of unsweetened cranberry juice plus a dash of honey and a few berries to garnish. You’ll get a little anti-inflammatory boost plus a bit of immune-supporting vitamin C. 

Spa-tini Sparkler
Think spa water, with a twist! Add lemon juice, lime juice, and crushed mint into a tall glass and lightly muddle to release the flavors. Add sparkling water and cucumber or apple slices to garnish, and voila, a light, refreshing headache-free cocktail!

Kombucha Kocktail
Combine 2 parts kombucha to one part sparkling water, and if needed, a touch of honey to give your gut bacteria a healthy boost of cultures.  Garnish with strawberries, mint or blueberries — or all three!

During this season, when it’s time to raise a glass, have a refreshing mocktail and drink to your health!

Kathie SwiftComment