In Bookstores Now: What the Fork Are You Eating? By Real Food Warrior Stefanie Sacks

How many colleagues do I know who would consider calling their book on healthy food, What the Fork Are You Eating? One. That would be my dear friend, nutritional sounding board and impassioned food warrior, Stefanie Sacks.

In this age of self-proclaimed internet nutrition “experts,” who often lack the degrees or clinical experience to warrant the title, Stefanie Sacks, MS, CNS, CDN, is the real deal, the total package.  She’s a true food warrior and healthy food advocate, with a passion for delicious, nourishing food. With endless zeal, she holds the food industry’s feet to the fire, blowing the whistle on the cheap sugar, fat, salt, and the weird industrial chemicals that get poured into the processed foods that dominate the supermarket. Her mission? To lift the veil so you, the consumer are armed with the information you need to make the best food choices possible at the supermarket – and with your fork.

In What the Fork Are You Eating?, Stefanie has taken on a big, serious topic -- how to get rid of the bad food in your diet and replace it with “better” – and she’s made it accessible to a range of readers, neophytes and nutritional mavens alike. Researching and writing this book, she’s made herself into a formidable expert on the issues, one on whom I rely for the latest and best information. But for all the knowledge she’s amassed, her approach is refreshingly practical – and actionable, with tasty recipes and smart shopping tips to make the hunt for good food an easy one! Her goal isn’t necessarily all-organic-all-the-time which can be tough for people to manage. The plan is about making small changes that add up – and the goal is about getting rid of the crap.  

In What the Fork Are You Eating? Stefanie wields her sharp knife, zealously, intelligently and with love – and I urge you to pick up a copy and challenge the nutritional status quo, just like Stefanie does everyday!




Kathie SwiftComment