6 Simple Lessons for Good Health

Just about every day, my life’s work gives me the amazing opportunity to connect with others and share my love for and knowledge of Mother Nature’s gifts with them. While some folks know quite a bit and others are just starting out, being able to light the way, to encourage people to create more wellness in their lives with wholesome foods from the earth – well, it’s what gets me out of bed each morning and makes me eager to start the day. 
Recently, while speaking to an audience of nutritional newcomers, I was reminded of the power of food, not only to make one healthy, but also to make one sick when chosen without care. As I spoke with the newbies, one central message really struck a chord. It was the simple idea that what goes into your body can change the entire trajectory of your life, walking you straight into the clutches of chronic disease, or to the warm embrace of good health and a life where feeling good every day is the norm. 
So what’s on the end of your fork? And which direction will it take you? Towards illness or health? When I put it in these terms, I swear I could (almost) see the light bulbs switching on – and what a beautiful glow it cast! 
As we talked, and laughed and cooked together, my newbies taught me a few things, showing me what resonated most with them. Here a few of their favorite take-aways that we should all keep in mind for they are the keys to good health made simple:
Sugar & Sweeteners
Let them go. Their job is to make you crave more – then like a drug, they addict and make you sick. Do not let them have that kind of power over you. You are stronger. 
Processed foods
If they’re in a bag or a box or have a lengthy label on them, they’re processed, which means most of the nutrients have been processed out of them. Eat real foods with real nutrients instead.

You cannot go wrong with fiber. It helps make your gut strong, boosts immunity and helps with mood. It also helps keep you regular – so no downside there!

Pure water- it’s simple, refreshing, no jitters, no sugar, chemicals, or calories! Water is what your cells need to stay healthy – and your body can always put to good use.
A little or a lot every day, just do it. Something is better than nothing, so be sure to strengthen your all important heart muscle – simply by moving!

In only takes a second, and you can do it anywhere, any time. It’s the perfect portable tool that’s always accessible. A deep breath or two releases stress, lowers blood pressure and gives mind and body a time-out.

To learn how to heal with food, create a healthy gut and support your microbiota, check out my book The Swift Diet: 4 Weeks to Mend the Belly, Lose the Weight and Get Rid of the Bloat. 


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