Cell Phone Less ! 9 Surprising Benefits of Disconnection

My cell phone died the Thursday before Labor Day. My action-packed calendar, hundreds of emails demanding immediate attention, and all the texted conversations of the upcoming holiday weekend, just like that, went away. And you know what? I kinda liked it. Yes, there’s nothing like a digital collapse to free up some mind and body bandwidth!  

After the first few moments of panic subsided, the unexpected demise of my Iphone forced me to take a deep breath and finally admit to myself that yes, I have been over-doing it a bit. Instead of facilitating a laid-back summer, what it had created (with my help, of course) was quite the opposite – a summer-packed calendar with a full patient load, family celebrations, the birthing of my book, household projects, plus a heavy lecture and travel schedule. Seems this devilish device hadn’t scheduled much downtime. So perhaps it was only fitting for it to check out in time for the final moments of summer. 

And what have I discovered over the past few days? Well, for starters, I’ve become far too reliant on the device…while being annoyed by its incessant whirring, buzzing, dinging and it’s relentless interrupting of my every thought or daydream. It was also a reminder that those of us in the business of health, need a periodic digital detox. 

Now, I find myself on cell phone-less Day 5 and processing the ramifications of my phone’s untimely passing. I’ve had time to think about the simple achievements of the past few days. They are personal ones that I vow to carry forward in all aspects of my life, no matter where my phone is: 

I celebrated…not having to respond immediately

I enjoyed…not knowing what I “should” be doing next

I loved…having uninterrupted conversation time with my family

I played…with thoughts and ideas, writing down on paper (!) the interesting ones, and letting others drift off

I experienced…the beauty of these end of summer days, without needing to photograph, share or tweet them

I embraced…the quiet moments of solitude

I broke…the frantic cycle of being over-whelmed and slowed down the merry-go-round

I unplugged…and refreshed my body, mind and soul

I learned…that to disconnect is to reconnect with the things that really matter!

 May you enjoy the Indian summer days to come – and leave your cell phone far out of reach!

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