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Detox for Health and Healing

Explore the art and science of detox, and experience a yoga-inspired approach to renewing your body, mind, and spirit. Detoxification is a natural body process that is supported by making choices to enhance your body’s natural resilience, while minimizing toxicity from stress, poor diet, and the environment. Learn a multidimensional approach to cleansing your whole being through

  • A simple, nutritionally balanced detox diet
  • Recognizing and addressing the common causes of toxic overload that can impact digestion and vitality
  • Clearing unhelpful mental patterns, realigning with the rhythms of nature, and conscious communication
  • Creating a sustainable detox kitchen with culinary nutrition tips
  • Yoga on and off the mat to assist the detox process
  • Strategies for emotional detox.

Symptoms that are often improved by an integrated detox program include headaches, brain fog/poor concentration, fatigue, joint pain, sugar cravings, digestive problems, muscle aches, acne, and eczema.

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