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The IFNA trained clinician is able to critically assess a patient using a “whole systems” approach and personalize a holistic nutrition care plan to restore function and improve outcome.

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What is IFNA?


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  • 100% Online training program in integrative and functional nutrition (IFN) taught by Functional Medicine expert faculty

  • Clinical toolkit, case-based learning, Q&A forum

  • Earn continuing education credits, the IFN Certified Practitioner™ (IFNCP™) Credential or Certificate of Training

  • One-on-one personal mentoring with IFNCP™ clinicians

  • Scholarship and recognition awards

  • IFNA™ Membership available for industry discounts and more!

* Send us an email: info@ifnacademy.com

I learned an enormous amount of information from the training and have already incorporated some educational handouts into my private practice. Thank you for helping bring RDNs to the forefront of integrative and functional nutrition.
— Lorri B. Katz, MA, RDN