My Foundation Diet

3rd Edition, 2014
A gluten and dairy-free 2-week elimination diet plan

Suspect you are suffering from food intolerances or sensitivities? An elimination diet remains the gold standard for identifying offending foods. MyFoundationDiet is a gluten and dairy free eating plan that can set you on the path to healing! Based on simple, whole and natural ingredients and filled with delicious and inspiring recipes created by some of the nation’s top chefs.  Kathie Swift’s My Foundation Diet includes:

  • Two-weeks of gluten- and dairy-free eating plans including many vegetarian recipes

  • Delicious recipes with fresh, whole and natural ingredients

  • Seasonal, Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter menu options

  • Easy, healthy recipes created by professional chefs and top nutritionists

  • Mouth-watering photographs

  • Convenient, printable meal plan calendars, recipes and weekly shopping lists

  • Healthy eating tips, tools and other resources

With over 30 years of medical nutrition experience, a compassionate understanding of her patients, and a personal love of food and cooking, Kathie has created the single guide you’ll need to take the first step in developing a healthy, happy food life.

My Foundation Diet - Kathie Madonna Swift

3rd Edition, 2014
Format: ebook (.pdf)